"Overcoming Abuse God's Way"

Because You're Worth it!

Overcoming Abuse God’s Way Is A Group of Trained Men and Women Who Have A Passion To Help The Abuse Man Woman or Child.

Vision: To see the abused, men, women and children who suffer from any form of abuse overcome confusion, fear, insecurity, loss of self-esteem & hopelessness by being helped practically and spiritually in areas of hope, healing, self-worth, confidence and restoration for the sake of themselves, their families and community.

Mission: Train qualified men, women and youth through our teacher certification program “Overcoming Abuse Gods Way” to empower the abused, man, woman and child with their vision for hope and a future.


  • Educate victims of abuse by working together with organizations, churches, community and individuals through active relationship building for the purpose of bringing hope to victims of abuse whereas they can rediscover their worth, self-esteem and vision for their future and prevention of further abuse.
  • Assist with Establishing Christian Safe Houses for men and women of abuse “by request” while helping with emergency transitions for those who suffer from abuse.
  • Judiciary referrals to Overcoming Abuse Gods Way support groups to bring education for restoration of the mind, spirit and soul. Understanding the cause and effects of abuse gives HOPE.

Overcoming Abuse God's Way


National Facilitator D2L

International Facilitator WRAP