The Best Way to Love Yourself

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The Best Way to Love Yourself

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“Do whatever he tells you.” John 2:5

Obedience to God is one of the best ways to love yourself. It is the daily bath that wards off the disease of terrible consequences. Applied to the private parts of your heart, obedience disinfects and deodorizes what might otherwise stink up your character.

The obedience to His command to forgive moisturizes dry and cracked relationships, making them vibrant, elastic, and wholesome.

Obedience to regularly attend worship has a way of realigning thoughts you didn’t realize had popped out of joint. Stubborn pride calories are burned by the exercise of denying yourself. This builds muscular faith too! Daily intake of God’s Word fortifies your spirit and builds a healthy reserve for the lean days when trials come. Aren’t you glad He commanded us to read it?

Exfoliate those nasty little habits that build up in your language. Generously apply selflessness and watch how others will enjoy the fragrance of Christ. At first, even loving your enemies may feel like more fiber than you can take in, but you’ll discover it will detox hate and make room for the flow of God’s blessing and purpose in your life.

To love yourself means to do whatever it takes to achieve maximum health in all areas. Obedience to Jesus is the perfect antidote to anything that threatens the abundant life He died for you to enjoy. Love yourself today, My Friend. Do whatever He tells you to do!