The Bad Fruit

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In Genesis 3, it talks about the fall of Adam and Eve. I’d like to keep focus on the fruit.

The serpent came along and tempted Eve with a piece of fruit. God told Adam and Eve they couldn’t eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:17 NIV) God told Adam and Eve if they ate of the tree they would surely die.

The serpent started by telling Eve lies. He twisted what God told Adam and Eve not to do. The serpent told Eve that he knew that God didn’t want them to be like Him. The serpent told Eve that she would be like God; knowing good and evil.

Eve started inspecting the fruit really hard. It looked so plump and delicious. It had a beautiful color. The more she looked at it; the more tempting it became. Eve saw that the fruit would be good for food. It was appealing to her eyes.

So, Eve listened to the serpent and fell for his temptation. She ate of the fruit. She also gave the fruit to Adam. Adam ate of the fruit also. What a mistake?! Eve had succumbed to the temptation of the serpent.

Once they ate of the fruit, their spiritual eyes were opened, they realized that they were naked. So, the grabbed some fig leaves and used them to cover their nakedness. Both of them were ashamed for not listening to God. It was sure disobedience on their part. Consequences follow disobedience.

Satan will try anything to make us fall into temptation. Like Eve, he made her doubt God’s word. She didn’t know that even the fruit was beautiful on the outside; on the inside the fruit was dead, ugly, and full of darkness.

So, when Satan tempts you, look at that fruit really hard. Like someone told me today, “Ask God if this fruit is from Him or the evil one.” Satan will try to lure us away with all means necessary. He has his arsenal waiting on us every second of every day.

Satan will not tell you that the fruit is not good for you. He will make it look so alluring. He will say, “It’s okay, God won’t mind if you take a small taste.” Look how beautiful it is. It will taste so good once you take a bite of it.

Satan is a liar. He is the father of lies. (John 8:44) He will tempt you until you can’t stand it anymore. When you finally decide to taste the fruit, you realize what you have done. Once again, on the outside the fruit was so tempting. It looked so delicious. Once you tasted it, you knew it was the wrong thing to do.

I am speaking from experience. I let Satan dangle some fruit in front of me. I tried so hard to resist. I knew the fruit wasn’t any good for me to eat. Satan kept after me until I finally gave in. Once I bit the fruit, it was the worst mistake I made. The fruit was rotten on the inside. The fruit was full of darkness and ugliness.

Like Eve, I have suffered the consequences of my disobedience. God will discipline you just as your parents disciplined you when you were a child. The LORD will discipline us severely. (Psalm 118:18)

Look at the fruit closely that Satan is dangling in front of you. He will make it look good. He will make you see what you want to see. So, be warned. Satan is after you. (1 Peter 5:8)