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About The Course

This course utilizes the biological, psychological, cultural, and spiritual perspectives to introduce the student to the causes and effects of abuse from a spiritual perspective. The course participants will be able to identify the various forms of abuse and the manifestation of abuse in individuals, families, and relationships. The participants may also participate in an experiential exercise as active observers and facilitators of an ongoing support group for survivors of abuse. Upon completion of the course, the participants will have the educational foundation, values, and skills necessary to function as an Overcoming Abuse God’s Way Trainer.


  1. Define the various forms of abuse: domestic violence, intimate partner, familial, sexual (including
  2. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of the acute and post traumatic effects of child abuse (all forms) on children and the adult survivors of child abuse.
  3. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of the acute and post traumatic effects of domestic violence (all forms) on survivors (male, female, adult, and child).
  4. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of how individual, familial, and cultural spiritual beliefs may manifest correlate with the development and maintenance of abuse.
  5. Demonstrate awareness of the self as spirit, soul and body, and the effects of abuse on the self (spirit, soul and body).
  6. Demonstrate awareness of the self’s coping and self-defense strategies to diminish or avoid the pain of abuse.
  7. Demonstrate a deeper awareness of the various types of addiction and the correlation of the various types of abuse with the development and manifestation of addictions.
  8. Demonstrate awareness of spiritual strongholds and spiritual bondages that may impede the abuse survivors’ effects to overcome the effects of abuse.
  9. Demonstrate awareness of how to effectively support and empower the survivor of abuse as he/she determines how to address issues related to their abuse (experiential group only).