OAGW South Africa

Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand of the wicked.

Global GoGirl Republic of South Africa
Overcoming Abuse God’s Way is a Division of Global Gogirl, RSA
Board of Directors
Global GoGirl, USA
Overcoming Abuse God’s Way
Janet Marie Napper, Founder CEO
Email: globalgogirl@gmail.com 
001 901 605 8087
Global GoGirl, RSA
Eva Sandamela, President
Email: eva@overcomingabuseGodsway.com
Tel: 083 923 6340

Kingdom Life Ministries, Durban

Advocate for Abused Men Women and Children
Pastor Richard and Elizabeth Goliath, Global Gogirl, Vice President
Email: Goliathelizabeth8@gmail.com
Tel: 084 599 0161

Grace Help Centre, Mooinooi

Safe Shelters for Abused Women and Children
Rina vander Berg, Founder and Global Gogirl, Director
Email: gracecentre@gmail.com
Tel: 072 348 6526

The Potters Haven, Springs

Safe Home for Abuse Children
Andrew and Marlene Minnie, Founder and Global Gogirl Chaplains
Email: marlene@thepottershaven.co.za
Tel: 071 569 8094

Gugu Speaks, Katlehong

Conference Speaker for Overcoming Abuse God’s Way
Gugu Mofenkeng, Founder and Global Gogogirl, Director
Tel:  079 981 8364
About Us
Overcoming Abuse God’s Way Is a Division of GLOBAL GOGIRL with a Group of Trained Men and Women
Who Have A Passion To Help The Abuse Man Woman or Child.
To see the abused, men, women and children who suffer from any form of abuse overcome confusion, fear, insecurity, loss of self-esteem & hopelessness by being helped practically and spiritually in areas of hope, healing, self-worth, confidence and restoration for the sake of themselves, their families and community.
Train leaders through the “Overcoming Abuse Gods Way Certification Training” to empower, educate and encourage the abused, man, woman and child with their vision for hope and a future by overcoming the “effects of abuse” God’s way.
  • Educate victims of abuse by working together with organizations, churches, community and individuals through active relationship building for the purpose of bringing hope to victims of abuse whereas they can rediscover their worth, self-esteem and vision for their future and prevention of further abuse to include human trafficking.
  • Assist with Establishing Christian Safe Houses for men and women of abuse “by request” while helping with emergency transitions for those who suffer from abuse.
  • Telephonic support
  • Judiciary referrals to Overcoming Abuse Gods Way support groups to bring education for restoration of the spirit soul and body by understanding the cause and effects of abuse for victory over  re-victimization, self abuse/addiction and soul wounds.

Contact Us at info@globalgogirl.org