Overcoming Abuse God’s Way Curriculum

Overcoming Abuse God’s Way is an educational Christian ministry that teaches the cause and effects of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, financial or otherwise) from friends, family, strangers, spouses or children. Abuse in families is a cycle. It is a learned behavior that is passed down from one generation to the next. Many children who grow up in violent and neglectful homes thus learn at an early age that violence or following others is the way to deal with stress and other problems.

70 % of sexually abused children go on to use drugs and alcohol to mask their pain. These children grow up to be addicted adults passive or angry, confused and very insecure repeating the cycle of abuse. 80% of serial rapists when surveyed in prison confessed they were sexually abused as boys: 80%!!

Educate the parent * Save the child. Educate/Help the teen * Save their Future. ***Overcoming Abuse God’s Way – Because You are Worth It


That’s where Overcoming Abuse God’s Way (OAGW) educational programs comes in. OAGW are charts (16) given away in a week by week support group or private counseling – coaching session by a trained facilitator to those trapped, hurt or caught in the grip of abuse. The goal is two-fold in helping those overcome the effects (anger, addiction, confusion, guilt, hopelessness, homelessness, insecurity, lack of identity, shame, unwanted pregnancies and so much more) of abuse to bring healing and restoration by 1. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and 2. Making Disciples. They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony: for the sake of themselves, their family and society.

Thank you to Victorious Christian Living VCLi for sharing their charts to help the abused

Contact us for more information on how to help your family member, community or church or how to start a support group in your area.

I will never be the same thanks to your program. I see life through the eyes of God now. Times do come when I struggle with some things but I can always go back to something you have taught me and draw strength from it: