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Did you know that Memphis has one church for every 804 residents*? There are only four American cities that have more churches per capita. Can you imagine what we could accomplish if we could mobilize some of these churches to help OAGW open Christian restoration homes for individuals that are suffering from life controlling problems?

Habakkuk 2:2 says to write the vision and make it plain, so here is an overview of our vision: We want to locate individual churches or organizations that are willing to partner with us in the sponsorship of individual restoration homes. Once church for one home.

One Church/One Home is a program we are developing to help launch homes where individuals can heal from the hurts of their past and prepare for their future. There is a desperate need for more homes for women in Desoto and Shelby County.

As you may know, OAGW doesn’t currently own a home, but we are working with non-profits that are in the process of looking for a homes. OAGW is wanting to help connect each home with a church sponsor, and assist other homes as they open.

* Business Insider –

1C1H a ministry of Global Gogirl, Inc.

Is a program where 1C1H will help  church or ministries establish, recruit volunteers- if requested, and train staff and or volunteers who desire to have a restoration home for abused men, women or one single mother-families.

1C1H Mission goal is to have homes where individuals and families who are in need of hope and restoration from the effects of abuse can experience a functioning Christian home serving with unity and worship.

1C1H Vision is to see individuals and families restored and operating in a capacity better than when then entered into 1C1H with healing and hope.

1C1H suggestion is to have homes not advertised so church and residence can experience ministry in greater ways with no stigmas or community complaints.

What Are The Expectations of a 1C1H Partnership?

OAGW will train staff (if applicable) and all volunteers
Having OAGW and CR as part of your programming
Offering Counseling or Christian Mentoring for greater healing
Attendance to your church or community church services


Help get home ready for move in if needed
Assist in recruit volunteers from your local community if needed to help with home requirements
Recruit men, women or families in need of restoration homes from our connected community partners.
Train all staff and volunteers to understand the people group of abuse.

Benefits to each organization:


  1. Home/Local Missions Outreach (Judea)
  2. Improve the local community
  3. Grow the congregation:
    • Discipleship training
    • Learn to minister
    • Grow in Spirit
    • Build Faith
    • Find calling
    • Put faith into action
  4. Receive Biblical training
  5. Unity in the church (rally behind a cause)
  6. Free Facilitation Certification for those interested in being certified to teach OAGW
  7. Access to OAGW resources


  1. Increase number of certified facilitators
  2. Make the OAGW program more known
  3. Fulfill the vision of seeing people healed


  1. Financial aid in running the home
  2. Increased number of trained volunteers
  3. Spiritual/Emotional growth of residents
  4. Provide hope to residents
  5. Access to OAGW rserouces
  6. Volunteer training burden on OAGW


How Does 1C1H Work?

OAGW connects churches and homes to help grow both organizations. Sponsorship commitment of 6-12 months
Each organization will have a single point of contact for questions/concerns.



  • Support home with finances and volunteers
  • Host OAGW training of volunteers
  • Volunteers


  • Facilitate initial relationship between 1C1H to help find the “right fit”
  • Ongoing TTT of church volunteers
  • Facilitate OAGW in home (and/or provided a certified facilitator)


  • All residents and staff to receive OAGW training
  • Determines the need of the home
  • Provide list of opportunities



The need for 1C1H*

People need recovery in homes, in our churches, and in our community, and OAGW is in a position to help by connecting resources together.

Shelby County established a taskforce to measure the Adverse Childhood Experiences in the county. 1,500 people from all races, genders, and economic backgrounds participated in the survey.

What is an A.C.E. (Adverse Childhood Experiences) score? One point is awarded for each of the following items that occurred in the home of a child before the age of 18:

  • Abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Dysfunctional Family
  • Effects of domestic violence on children
  • Neglect
  • PTSD
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse

52% of the population have at score of at least 1 / 21% scored 2-3 / 12% scored 4 or more

An A.C.E. score of 4 or greater have a much higher risk of negative adult social and health behaviors

Top 3 A.C.E. areas in Shelby County:

  • 25% Substance Abuse
  • 23% Emotional or Verbal Abuse
  • 22% Violence between Adults

Shelby County:

  • Higher Child sex rates than the national and state averages:
    20% Shelby County /11% USA /12% Tennessee
  • Higher Adult Violence than the national and state averages:
    22% Shelby County /19% USA /16% Tennessee

*All stats provided by ACE Center Task Force of Shelby County January 2015 (


Additional Resources:


Call Leonard Cochran for more information about 1C1H at 901-605-6231