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Abuse Education is Necessary for Healthy Communities,

100 % of your contribution goes directly towards the work of OAGW

  • Child Sex Abuse Education
  • Sex Trafficking Prevention
  • Youth Abuse Prevention
  • Foster Care Training
  • Volunteer Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Planting of Support Groups for Men Women and Youth

Overcoming Abuse God’s Way (OAGW) is a nonprofit organization that is educating the community and nations about the cause and effects of abuse; whether in the family, in relationships outside of the family, or those who have been forced into abusive situations by others. In addition to education, OAGW is certifying qualified individuals through its teacher certification program and helping them to establish support groups for men, women, and youth coming out of abusive situations. These support groups operate both in the community and in the local church.

OAGW establishes safe houses by request in communities throughout the United States. Currently OAGW partners with ministries in South Africa, Pine Ridge, South Dakota specifically to bring healing to Men Women and Youth.

Overcoming Abuse God’s Way is a ministry of Global Gogirl, Inc.

All donations can be made to Global Gogirl, Inc. at PO Box 1035 Olive Branch, MS 38654 or click the donate button down on this page.

Thank you.