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Overcoming Abuse Gods Way

About the Author, Janet Marie Napper


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“Overcoming Abuse God’s Way tells the beautiful story of redemption–how God’s faithful love pursued the heart of a broken woman caught up in the grip of abuse, and how He tenderly set her free and raised her up to a new life. For every woman who is longing for love and acceptance in all the wrong places , this story will give you hope and practical resources to live in freedom and love as God’s beloved daughter.”

-Angela Thomas Best-Selling Author and Speaker


“Janet Marie Napper offers the reader a compelling and heartrending account of a life–her life–impacted by abuse and the long, difficult, and painful journey toward hope and healing in its aftermath. Written for a general audience, the book calls us to see the despair, the denial, the desire to escape, and the eventual determination that is required to change the stranglehold of the past and to chart a new direction. Survivors and those who walk alongside them will find her story a powerful lens through which to see the cruelty of childhood abuse as well as its long term consequences.”

-Nancy Nason-Clark, professor at the University of New Brunswick, Canada; author of numerous books and articles, including Beyond Abuse in the Christian Home and Refuge from Abuse: Healing and Hope for Abused Christian Women.


After reading this book, I would like other teenagers to read it. It shows us how not to make wrong decisions in boys so we don’t make mistakes and get hurt. This book shows you what to look for and not get tricked into being abused by boys and men…

-Desi Raine Age 13


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THOMAS NELSON, Book Sneeze Book Reviews

On 9/9/13 Vanessa Brooks wrote:

Coming from a majorly broken person this book was VERY well written and I am going to read it again and try to forgive myself of things I need to forgive myself of and try to forgive one person in my life that needs forgiven but I have been having a hard time doing…. I am ready to change! This book should be considered one of the most helpful “Self Help” books out there. If you suffer from any kind of abuse, or think that your life is not worth living anymore or think you are alone, you must read this book. I also just found out about a site www.brokenpeople.org I am going to join and see what lies ahead. I rate this book a VERY high 5 out of 5!

5 STARS out of 5


On 3/25/13 Jessica Turner wrote:

Overcoming Abuse God’s Way: Rags to Riches by Janet Marie Napper and Brenda Branson is a memoir about one lady’s path to overcoming abuse and forgiving her abuser. Growing up in a verbally and emotionally abusive home, I could easily relate to a lot of the emotions in this book. I am not sure I would recommend this book to everyone, but for those of us that have dealt with abuse, it is very helpful. The scriptures at the end of each chapter were like a breath of fresh air.

3 STARS out of 4


On 1/3/13 Nathan Albright wrote

Overcoming Abuse God’s Way: Rags To Riches is in large part a gripping and deeply personal memoir of one woman’s life of abuse in a series of dead-end relationships, including the abuse of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs as a way of filling the God-shaped void in her heart that started from an abusive childhood. It is a brief but powerful memoir that combines a chronological account of her life from early childhood abandonment, abuse by her foster father, and a young adulthood filled with disastrous choices in search of love and acceptance with reflections on the larger patterns of abuse that are shared by many readers. The account is both personal as well as deeply biblical, and the book should appeal especially to Christian women who have struggled with a background of abusive families and relationships.

The book as a whole is full of sad and touching ironies, beyond its uplifting main point. For example, the authors comment on the sadness that resulted from Christmas and Halloween, from the discouragement of the lonely for the one festival as well as the habit of dressing up and pretending to be someone else for the other. The book as a whole manages to strike a fair balance between the reality of God’s undying love for us no matter how corrupt and broken the state of our lives, as well as the immense ethical demands (expressed most bluntly in God’s laws and in the prophets, whom the authors cite often) that God places on us for our own benefit. It is only by accepting that God alone (through Jesus Christ) can fulfill our messianic longings and by accepting His rule over our lives that we are free to let go of our own rather pitiful attempts to control our own destinies. This book is a poignant reminder of the brokenness that is far too common in the lives of believers.

This great strength of the book is also somewhat of a weakness. As the memoir of a woman who with the love of God rose above her brokenness and sought to serve and help others who have suffered from abuse like she did, this is a powerful book that will hopefully bring encouragement to many women. But as a man who has struggled both with the effects of sexual abuse as well as the lashing out of women who are struggling with their own history of abuse, this book alienates as many readers as it draws in with its clear gender biases. Unfortunately, the corpus of sexual abuse recovery literature (of which this book is a part) is filled with books written by, about, and for women and the concerns and issues specific to men tend to get short shift.

Though this book touches occasionally on the struggles with intimacy faced by the author’s two oldest sons (struggles which I share given my own history), as well as the suffering faced by her father and other abusive men, this book seems a bit heavy-handed in the way it deals with men. Given the horrible problem of abuse, whether one is dealing with abusive authority figures or peers, it is vital that someone addresses the male side of the picture with the view of stopping the abuse of defenseless children or wives and girlfriends, and in dealing with the insecurities and concerns of men so that fewer women and children have to deal with the unpleasant aftereffects of abuse. So, if one is a woman looking for an affirmation of God’s love and the dignity and respect and honor that a woman should be treated with by any decent gentleman, regardless of one’s past history of abuse, this is an excellent work. However, it ought to be understood that this is a book written by, about, and for women, and thus the book is somewhat incomplete if it is viewed as anything more than a woman’s deep and sincere and heartfelt memoir of brokenness and redemption, in turning a history of abuse into a passion for helping to provide God’s healing to other broken women like her.

3 STARS out of 4


On 11/21/12 Brandy Toenges

Overcoming Abuse God’s Way as an immediate eye catcher for me because I have also suffered abuse as a young girl. The authors Janet Napper and Brenda Branson have a come together to publish this book to help others like myself deal with the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual turmoil that comes along with abuse.

Janet tells her life story about being abandoned and left to die by her parents with her two other siblings, then to be taken in by complete strangers that worked with social services. She explains the loneliness and insecurity she felt during her life, then the guilt and shame that came with being sexually abused by her foster father.

Janet takes us into her heart, mind and soul as she bares all. She shows where God has healed her and helped her through all the deep emotions that she felt, and didn’t feel. I will not say that I enjoyed this book, but I needed this book. It has helped me read scriptures that has brought me healing, and also to know that there are others out there who go through this trial in life. I know that I am not to blame for what has happened to me, and if you have been a victim of any kind of abuse, you are not to be blamed either. This book will help you see yourself the way God sees you. Reading this has also inspired me to finish the book I have been writing and setting down for the last year, now I will pick it back up and continue to tell my story so I may be able to help someone else, just the way Janet did for me!!!

4 STARS out of 4